People standing in front of colorful Firework

iStock People standing in front of colorful Firework

Fireworks are illegal in Colorado Springs and El Paso County as the area remains under a fire ban due to hot, dry conditions and violators could face a hefty fine, the Colorado Springs Fire Department warned residents Wednesday.

As Fourth of July celebrations near, the department urged residents to instead watch one of several professional fireworks displays planned for the region Saturday. Consumer fireworks, including sparklers and anything that uses a fuse to light, are banned, the department said.

Nationwide, more than 16,000 fires are started by fireworks each year, the department said.

Those who sell or use fireworks in Colorado Springs could face a $2,500 fine and six months in jail. In unincorporated El Paso County, people who violate the ban can face a $750 fine and a six month jail term, the department said. 

Colorado Springs residents can report the illegal use of fireworks by calling police at 444-7000.

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