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Five days after running a red light and causing a three-car crash, 84-year-old Devere L. Tryggestad died from injuries suffered in the collision. .

Tryggestad turned against the light from northbound Academy Boulevard onto westbound Dublin last Thursday, police said. Tryggestad was transported to a hospital with severe injuries after the crash.

A woman and her two children also were taken to a hospital with minor injuries. 

The crash was at a notoriously dangerous intersection where the city is planning to install cameras to catch red-light runners this year.

Colorado Springs driver blows through red light, hits two other vehicles where city plans to install a camera

The first two cameras went into operation on April 9 at the eastbound approach to Platte Avenue and Chelton Road and the westbound approach at Briargate Boulevard and Lexington Drive.

The death is the 12th traffic fatality in Colorado Springs in 2019. At this last year, in which a record 48 people died on city streets, there also were 12 fatalities.


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