Meteor Outburst (copy) (copy)

A meteor streaks across the night sky in this Associated Press file photo.

Meteor showers will create a dazzling display Tuesday evening into Thursday morning with hundreds of meteors streaking across the mountain sky as Draconid and Southern Taurids peak this week.

The Draconid meteor shower, active through Thursday, is fairly mellow, producing no more than five meteors per hour, but it’s known to be unpredictable. European observers reported an outburst of showers in 2011, with more than 600 meteors per hour. 

The Southern Taurids, which typically produces a few bright meteors per hour, is expected to peak Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. This meteor shower will be mostly visible in the Southern Hemisphere, but there’s a chance North American viewers will also see some action.

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A third meteor shower, the Orionids, will dazzle the skies of Colorado later this month, with estimated peak activity from Oct. 22 to 23.

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