Caucus should provide early insight on which El Paso County candidates might succeed
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Vickie Tonkins (Photo via campaign website)

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Democratic Party

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Education: Grand Junction High School

Experience: I am one of the 99 percent. I know what it is like to struggle. I see inequalities in our community, and I would like to see a more even playing board. I see inequalities in our community and I would like to see a more even playing board. I am a Colorado native and military wife. I love Colorado Springs.

What should the county's priorities be to keep up with the significant population growth that's expected in the coming years?

- Affordable housing

- Developing neighborhoods that are economically diverse

- Responsible Development

- Water Conservation

- Storm water management

Progress is moving along on the widening of the Interstate 25 Gap, and construction could begin later this year. What do you see as the next big infrastructure project that needs to get done in the county?

We need to convert our energy consumption from coal to green energy

Do you believe the medical and recreational marijuana markets are creating a problem with illegal grow operations in the county? If so, how can the Board of County Commissioners help address that problem?

Colorado Springs became a destination for people with illegal intent when it comes to cannabis grows because only medicinal cannabis is available, and the recreational dispensaries that are nearest Colorado Springs charge street prices or higher. To stop the illegal grows we as a community need to take the profit away. No profit, no illegal grows. How do we do this? We could one open ONE recreational cannabis dispensary in Colorado Springs with only slightly higher than medical cannabis prices so that it is no longer profitable to grow and sell illegal/street cannabis.

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