Caucus should provide early insight on which El Paso County candidates might succeed
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Holly Williams (Photo via Facebook)

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Republican Party

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Twitter: @coloradoholly

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Education: University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: master's degree in public administration; University of Virginia at Charlottesville: bachelor's degree in American government

Experience: County Public Trustee from 1997 to 2007; office manager for U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn from 2007 to 2009; analyst/auditor for NIA Consulting, Inc., from 2009 to 2011; County GOP caucus and assembly coordinator from 2013 to 2014; county administrative technician since 2015

What should the county's priorities be to keep up with the significant population growth that's expected in the coming years?

Transportation infrastructure, including roads and bridges and water resources. I will work to ensure existing transportation revenue streams are used wisely. I will be an effective advocate for funding needed improvements to our state and federal highway system, such as Interstate 25 and Powers Boulevard. There are many rural roads in District 1 that need resurfacing and some roads that need to be widened to four lanes. I will work with other local governments to advocate for these roads. I will continue current efforts for a regional water solution through the Pikes Peak Regional Water Authority.

Progress is moving along on the widening of the Interstate 25 Gap, and construction could begin later this year. What do you see as the next big infrastructure project that needs to get done in the county?

I will advocate for additional funding to relieve traffic around our military bases including Fort Carson and Peterson. Powers needs to be widened and extended north to Interstate 25. I will support an additional extension of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority sales tax to fund other necessary transportation projects.

Do you believe the medical and recreational marijuana markets are creating a problem with illegal grow operations in the county? If so, how can the Board of County Commissioners help address that problem?

Yes. As Commissioner, I will support an increase in funding to the Sheriff and the District Attorney to pursue and prosecute illegal grow operations in El Paso County. Illegal grow operations are harming our real estate industry. These criminal operations are not only significantly damaging homes -- they are caustic to our community. I want the marijuana industry to understand that illegal grow operations will not be tolerated. I will also support additional funding for our county jail operations to ensure they keep up with our populous county.

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