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Curious about all the road construction on South Academy by Pikes Peak Community College and Fort Carson. No sooner did the road get widened than they tore up everything again. Why was most of the work just completed torn up about a year after new construction?— Jeff Hall

ANSWER: The changing traffic dynamics around Fort Carson with the influx of returning troops have brought some necessary changes. From B Street there had been a problem getting to southbound Academy Boulevard, and, in fact, drivers had to go to the traffic light and make a U turn. As you can guess, this backed up traffic and now it’s even worse.

Chuck Dionne, with the county Department of Transportation, said they are building a bridge to go under “both Academy Boulevards” where drivers can make a “Texas U turn” or “Texas Turnaround” (this is a real thing and it's not a dance step!), following the road around to go directly onto southbound Academy.

Another change in this area will be at Meadowbrook Drive. Dionne said drivers trying to get onto South Academy Boulevard had no efficient way to merge into traffic. The line of cars waiting was at a complete stop.

They are building a speedup ramp so cars will be up to speed before merging onto Academy.

The earlier major construction project will be impacted in only a couple of areas, Dionne said.

Another turn lane at Constitution and Powers?

I am wondering why there is only one turning lane on Constitution Avenue and Powers Boulevard, turning north on Powers, traveling east on Constitution? There are three lanes on Powers,  so there is no problem if a car is traveling west on Constitution and wants to turn north on Powers, as long as each car turns into the proper lane. Also, there are two at the intersection turning south onto Powers, while traveling east on Constitution.  This lack of a second turning lane backs up traffic at the Safeway Shopping center and the Walgreens/McDonalds shopping area across the street on Constitution and causes unnecessary delays.— Charles Jekel

ANSWER: This has been a question in the past, according to city traffic engineer Rob Helt, who said they went back to the intersection design drawings and measurements to take a second look.

Major roadway work would be required to add another turn lane, he said. The problem is not the roadway to the west on Constitution, it’s where the lanes cross in the middle of the intersection. “There is not enough room” for an additional turn lane, Helt said.

Instead, the traffic engineers changed the signal timing to adjust the traffic flow and haven’t seen significant traffic backups, Helt said.

Girl Scout Roundup site

In 1959 I was one of the Girl Scouts who camped in Colorado Springs, with a breathtaking view of  Pikes Peak for the 10-day Girl Scout Roundup.  My husband and I are traveling to Colorado this summer and I would love to be able to visit the site of the encampment. Do you have a way of finding out where it was held? — Karen Martin

ANSWER: On the 50th anniversary last summer, the local Scout office tried to do the same thing. It didn’t work because the area has been divided up and developed, some of it is private property and part of it is on the Air Force Academy grounds. However, on the east side of Interstate 25 across from the academy there’s a brown sign commemorating the Roundup in that area.

If you have more questions about the roundup, call Brenda Yestness at (719)649-8519. She worked on the 50th anniversary project.


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