Democrat Marc Snyder’s campaign for state House District 18 spurned corporate and PAC donations right up to the June 26 primary, when he clinched the nomination. But the campaign is accepting those contributions now.

Snyder’s campaign has raised more than $95,000, including about $8,000 from PACs, campaign finance filings show. The PACs represent Xcel Energy, American Family Insurance, anti-gun violence advocates, certified public accountants, dentists, electrical contractors and brewers across the state.

“I’m very proud of the diversity of organizations,” Snyder said. “There are some unions, firefighters and environmental organizations and women’s reproductive rights organizations.”

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A campaign staffer’s Facebook post May 30 about the reliance on small-dollar donations never was meant as a promise for the campaign’s duration, he said. Rather, it was a point-in-time comment, as no organizations or committees had offered the campaign any money.

Snyder said he has answered about 40 surveys from organizations vetting candidates for endorsements and contributions. “Prior to the primary, they weren’t in a position or amenable to making a contribution.”

While he has accepted money from committees, he said, his campaign’s finances remain transparent, unlike those of one opponent.

Independent HD18 candidate Maile Foster is one of five candidates backed by a group of nonprofits named in a complaint last month by a Denver election law attorney, alleging campaign finance violations.

That complaint claims that Unite Colorado, Unite America and the Unite America Election Fund haven’t followed disclosure requirements and contribution limits while advocating for all the candidates they’ve endorsed.

But Nick Troiano, executive director of Unite Colorado and Unite America, said he’s confident the complaint will be dismissed.

Snyder said that type of fundraising obscures who is donating to Foster’s campaign, which had raised more than $37,000 as of Oct. 1.

Their Republican opponent, Mary Elizabeth Fabian, has raised only about $15,000, according to Oct. 1 filings. She was chosen as the GOP candidate by El Paso County Republican Party officials after the original nominee dropped out, citing health problems.

The winner of the House District 18 seat will replace Colorado Springs Democrat Pete Lee, who is running for an open state Senate seat.

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