DALLAS — The Dallas police chief says the shooting suspect was killed by a remote-controlled robot on the second floor of a community college, not a parking garage as authorities previously described.

Chief David Brown said at a news conference Monday that the department has misspoke for days, and that 25-year-old Micah Johnson died inside El Centro College in downtown Dallas. Brown did not provide more details, including the location of negotiations that came before the bomb.

Authorities say Johnson shot and killed five officers and wounded 9 officers and two civilians during a protest Thursday in downtown Dallas.

Brown also said two El Centro students hid in the building overnight, because they were afraid to come out until the shooting stopped. Police got them out of the building Friday morning.

The Dallas police chief says another police department will assist with security when President Barack Obama visits the city this week.

Obama is expected to visit Dallas on Tuesday in the wake of the fatal shooting of five police officers.

Brown said the Arlington Police Department has offered to work with the Secret Service to provide security during the president's visit. Brown said he doesn't want his own officers shouldering that responsibility because of "the fatigue factor."

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