Photo of the Week: 'A piece of heaven broke off'

Mike Olson shared this image of low clouds in Cripple Creek and wrote that “a piece of heaven broke off.”

Cripple Creek City Council decided the city will no longer serve as a cash sponsor for several of the city's events, Special Projects Director Jeff Mosher said in a release Wednesday. 

Instead, the city will fund infrastructure and fundamental needs such as traffic control and sanitation needs like portable restrooms and trash collection. The amount of money that goes toward such needs will be based on past attendance levels, Mosher said. 

“Event organizers will need to identify new sponsors to replace funds previously provided by the city or reduce expenditures to respond to the reduction in cash support from the city”, Mosher said in a statement. “We certainly do not want to discourage any event organizers, but the City Council has decided that event sponsorship is no longer the best use of community funds.”

Mosher said Cripple Creek will continue to fully fund some events such as the 4th of July Fireworks, Toys for Tots, the Cripple Creek-Victor High School Graduation and the Pikes Peak Memorial Wall Dedication Ceremony.

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