On Wednesday, the Colorado Springs Police Department announced via a news release that it had served several search warrants into a "multimillion dollar criminal organization." 

The CSPD worked in conjunction with the FBI, Pueblo Police Department and United States Marshals Service to conduct the search warrants against Top Dollar Pawn, which has locations in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. 

According to an affidavit acquired by The Gazette filed June 15 in El Paso County, four individuals associated with Top Dollar Pawn are accused of 29 charges, including pattern of racketeering and 27 separate charges of money laundering. 

All 29 charges are federal offenses.

The affidavit claims that four individuals associated with Top Dollar Pawn - Daria Mauro, Walt Mauro, Mischa Jargowsky and Jack Jargowsky - knowingly bought and sold products from boosters that had been stolen from various retail stores. 

A booster is a person who steals merchandise, usually from retail outlets. They often work in concert with others as part of a "booster crew."

The owners of Top Dollar Pawn are listed as Walt Mauro and Jack Jargowsky, according to online records. A Jack and Mischa Jargowsky are listed as inmates in Pueblo County Jail. 


The defendants would buy these stolen items from boosters and then sell them either at their stores or online on Ebay, according to the affidavit. 

"Interviews with boosters and former employees detail that the defendants knew that the items they were buying were stolen," the affidavit states. "They used the laundered funds to continue to operate their business, buying more stolen property." 

The affidavit states that the defendants had been partaking in the money laundering scheme as far back as January 2018. 

Items bought and sold as part of the scheme included chainsaws, tools, several Google Nest Home products among 27 total items listed in the affidavit. 

All four defendants have a $50,000 bond set for their release, according to court records.

Top Dollar Pawn has four locations in Colorado, two in Pueblo and two in Colorado Springs. All four locations are closed according to the CSPD.

The CSPD had planned to host a joint news conference with the other organizations involved on Wednesday afternoon in regards to Top Dollar Pawn, but the news conference was canceled, according to a post on Twitter. 

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