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Surveillance footage shows an individual leaving a CD in a white envelope taped to the front door of a fraternity or sorority house on the University of Colorado Boulder campus on Monday, Feb. 15, 2021. 

It sounded scary at first.

Several fraternity and sorority houses on the University of Colorado Boulder campus received strange and unsettling packages early Monday morning. 

The Boulder Police Department said an individual taped CDs to the houses’ front doors about 1:30 a.m. Monday. The CDs contained audio clips, including some audio from the “Criminal Minds” television show, a show about FBI agents analyzing serial killers and other criminals.

But on Tuesday, Boulder police announced that, working with University of Colorado-Boulder's police department, they had determined the packages were related to a scavenger hunt.

Police now say they have identified the people involved. The envelopes didn't make any direct threats and police said they will not be making any arrests or filing criminal charges.

Police have not released what specific audio was used.

At least five of the CDs were left taped to the doors in white envelopes, police said.

Using surveillance footage, police identified the individuals responsible for the packages late Monday night. 

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