A 10-inch wire snipe sculpture swiped from its downtown Colorado Springs perch in Boulder Crescent Park reappeared almost as quickly as it disappeared.

A jogger found the $70,000 artwork Friday in nearby Monument Valley Park and returned it Monday to the Downtown Partnership, said partnership CEO Susan Edmondson. The group gave the jogger, who asked to remain anonymous, a “small token of our appreciation as a reward.”

The snipe was part of a larger work called “You, Light as a Cloud” that depicts a cat and bird, natural enemies, peacefully coexisting on a bench. The work was on loan from Byeong Doo Moon, an artist in South Korea, and part of this year’s Art on the Street exhibit in which donors, sponsors and foundations support public art installations downtown.

“I’m especially happy for the artist, who has been very gracious about this challenge. He was looking at how he could alter it in a new way,” Edmondson said. The partnership’s Facebook post on the disappearance “was one of our most viewed Facebook posts. It shows how much people liked this work and love and respect public art downtown.”

Artist replaces Pikes Peek sculpture stolen from downtown Colorado Springs sidewalk

Two other sculptures from Art on the Streets exhibits have been stolen in recent years. “Pikes Peek” and “Kissing Camels” from the “Civic Treasures” installation by Denver-based artist Scottie Burgess were taken in 2017 and 2018, and Burgess replaced them.

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