Italian 'ambulance of death' worker accused of killing patients

An ambulance in Italy. Police in Sicily have arrested an ambulance worker suspected of intentionally killing patients. (iStock)

An Italian stretcher-bearer suspected of intentionally killing patients to get payouts from a funeral home allegedly linked to the mafia was arrested Thursday in a scandal investigators are calling the “ambulance of death.”

Davide Garofalo, 42, from Sicily, has been accused of injecting air into at least three hospital patients’ veins and then directing their grieving families to do business with a funeral home that would pay him around $350 per body sent, The Telegraph reported.

“They all had the trust they put in him as a stretcher-bearer betrayed,” Andrea Bonomo, an anti-mafia investigator, told the newspaper.

“This was a particularly cruel way for these people to die,” added senior police officer Raffaele Covetti.

Investigators are dubbing the case the “ambulance of death” probe. The secret air injections – which would trigger blockages of arteries -- allegedly happened as ambulances were taking terminally ill patients from a Sicilian hospital to their homes to die in peace.

Read the full story at Fox News.

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