kerry endsley

Photo Courtesy: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Officials from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office have identified 73-year-old Kerry Endsley as the man suspected of kidnapping two hikers near Denver last Friday. 

The incident occurred on a trail near the 3600 block of South Oak Way at around 8 AM, according to a news release. This is reportedly in the area of Lakewood's Bear Creek Lake Park. 

"Investigators learned that the husband and wife were hiking when they came across a male who was kneeling down, tying his shoe. As they walked passed him, he confronted them with a handgun," the release said. 

The suspect then allegedly tied a nylon leash around the female victim's neck and order them to follow him. The male victim was able to disarm the suspect before the two fled the scene.

Deputies located the suspect nearby. He failed to comply with orders and threatened them with a stun gun, according to the release. Eventually, deputies deployed a taser on the suspect, who was then transported to a hospital. 

"During the course of the kidnapping, both victims realized that the suspect was known to them to be Kerry Endsley. Endsley was not immediately recognized because he had altered his physical appearance and disguised himself," the release said.

According to the sheriff's office Endsley has a documented history of harassing the female victim, including several police reports and a restraining order. 

Endsley has been charged with Second Degree Kidnapping, Felony Menacing and Violation of a Restraining Order. 

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