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Second-grader Joey Beightol gets her temperature checked by LaShawna Gallardo before entering the lunchroom at Coperni 3 public K-7 charter school in Colorado Springs on Thursday, August 6, 2020. 

Daycares, schools and colleges are the sites of nearly 40% of active COVID-19 outbreaks in El Paso County, making them the most common reported site, according to health department data.

Outbreaks at such sites comprise 36.71% of active outbreaks. That’s nearly quadruple the outbreaks at the second-leading site category, offices and indoor workspaces, the site of nearly 10% of active outbreaks, according to data on the county health department’s website, updated Sunday.

As of April 3, schools and colleges were the site of nearly a third of all active outbreaks. Positives stemming from such outbreaks comprised less than 6% of diagnoses tied to site-based outbreaks. As of Sunday, they comprised nearly 8%.

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The rise in outbreaks at gathering places for young people comes as more cases of COVID-19 variants are identified in Colorado — variants thought to be more transmissible, and that may disproportionately affect a younger demographic. Through Sunday, the state had identified 308 cases of the U.K. variant in El Paso County, making it a hotspot for the variant in the state. Larimer County came in first, with 496 cases identified, and Denver County came in third with 252 cases. El Paso County was also a hotspot for the California COVID variant, second only to Denver County, according to state data.

Over the past two weeks, those in their 20s have led COVID-19 diagnoses in the county with 811 cases. Those 10 to 19 years old came in second with 619 diagnoses. Those in their 30s came in third; 40s fourth; and 50s fifth, with those in their 70s tying with those ages 0-9 for sixth place, with 216 diagnoses in each age bracket.

During that same period this past year, those in their 70s and 40s saw the most diagnoses in the county, with 46 in each category. Those in their 20s and 30s came in second and third with 42 and 41 cases, respectively. Children 10 to 19 tied with those in their 90s for second fewest cases, and children 0-9 saw the fewest number of cases, with 10.

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Elderly individuals, previously at some of the highest risk for COVID-19, have been eligible for the vaccine the longest, while children 15 and younger are currently ineligible to receive the vaccine. Statewide, those in their 60s lead in immunizations, comprising more than 18% of those immunized. Those in their 20s comprise 12.6%, on the lower end of immunization rates among age brackets; those in their 30s comprise 12.5%; and those in their 80s comprise nearly 5.6%. Those ages 16-19 comprise only 3.3% of those immunized.

The following is what has been reported about COVID-19 incidence and quarantines in the region’s largest school districts this past week.

Colorado Springs School District 11 had 69 positive cases as of Sunday, with a cumulative total of 878 positive cases, according to its dashboard. To learn more, visit

Academy School District 20 had 53 active isolations and 816 active quarantines as of Sunday, according to its dashboard. Its dashboard showed a cumulative positive COVID count of 698, up from 566 the week before. To learn more, visit

Lewis-Palmer District 38 had 26 current positive cases and 420 quarantines as of Sunday, according to its dashboard, which was last updated Friday. The district has seen 510 positive cases since August. To learn more, visit

Widefield District 3 had seen 10 outbreaks and 268 confirmed cases since August, according to its website, last updated April 14. To learn more, visit

District 49 had no “active precautionary” quarantines as of Sunday, according to its dashboard, which did not display data and also stated that 99.39% of students were not subject to precautionary quarantine. A review of active outbreaks Sunday showed one at Falcon High School and three at charter schools authorized by the district, according to county health data. Its dashboard can be viewed at

Harrison School District 2 reported two positive cases in the past week, for a total of 195 for the school year, according to its dashboard. To learn more, visit

Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 reported a total of 176 cases to date as of Sunday, according to its dashboard. To learn more, visit

Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 reported 16 positive cases between Apr. 9-16, with one active outbreak as of April 2, according to its website, last updated April 16. It has seen 285 cumulative positives since the beginning of the pandemic. To learn more, visit

Manitou Springs School District 14 reported two current positive cases as of April 13. To learn more, visit

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