Ritter says he changed the state after only 1 term

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter talks about the highs and lows of his four-year term during an interview with Associated Press reporters in his office at the Capitol in Denver on Monday, Dec. 13, 2010. Ritter did not to seek a second term as governor. Photo by ED ANDRIESKI, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

The El Paso County Department of Health and Environment is launching a new online service at noon Wednesday that gives the public access to its restaurant inspection reports.

The department used to provide inspection reports online, but stopped in 2007 after changing the software programs it was using.

“It has taken awhile to build up the software and set up new capacity to show the inspections online,” health department spokeswoman Susan Wheelan said in an e-mail today, explaning why it's taken three years to restart the service.

Health department officials say the new service will be more user-friendly and more comprehensive than previous incarnations.

Kandi Buckland, executive director of the health department, said earlier this year that the department has made a commitment to beef up its food services operations to include more inspections and online reports. The state mandates twice-a-year inspections of restaurants and other food establishments.

“We were pretty much at once a year, and some probably were longer than that,” Buckland said.

The media will have a chance to test the service Wednesday before it goes live. Check back at gazette.com for an update on Wednesday.



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