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The latest around Colorado and the world


- With the United States grappling with the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world, Florida hit a grim milestone Sunday, shattering the national record for a state's largest single-day increase in positive cases...Read more here. 

- The Trump administration announced last month that it was extending a ban on green cards and adding many temporary visas to the freeze, including J-1 cultural exchange visas and H-2B visas. Businesses from forestry to fisheries to hospitality depend on these visas, though there are exceptions for the food processing sector.

Hardest hit by the ban are beach communities and mountain getaways up and down the East Coast from parts of New Hampshire to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina...Read more here. 

- With little more than a month before millions of U.S. schoolchildren go back to class, much is still up in the air - and not just because of the surging number of coronavirus cases nationwide.

Last week, President Donald Trump and his administration demanded schools fully reopen right away, calling for new guidance from federal health officials and slamming schools that want to bring students back for only a few days a week.

At the same time, some states are just now issuing their own directives, and school district leaders say they expect those guidelines to be revised again before the classroom bells ring...Read more here. 


The latest COVID-19 numbers in Colorado (Updated on July 11):

- 36,591 confirmed cases, including 3,000 in El Paso County

- 5,885 hospitalized

- 389,099 people tested

- 1,725 deaths among cases, including 115 in El Paso County

- 1,586 deaths directly attributed to the coronavirus

- 398 outbreaks

- No free Slurpees on 7-11 due to coronavirus. More here.

- Disney World reopens with new rules despite coronavirus surge in Florida. Read all about it.

- Coronavirus deaths take a long-expected turn for the worse. Read more here.

- The average age of Coloradans who have been diagnosed with coronavirus has dropped, state officials say. Full story here

- With more and more states and communities requiring masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, the mayor of Colorado Springs believes it is very possible his city will be joining the movement. Read more here.

- Unhappy with a public health directive to wear face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Douglas County commissioners have ordered the county’s attorney to withdraw from the regional health department. Read more here.

- The Pac-12 followed the lead of the Big Ten, announcing Friday it will play a conference-only football season. This means Colorado, a Pac-12 member, won't play Colorado State on Sept. 5. Read more here.

- The Colorado Rockies are hoping to allow fans at Coors Field during the COVID-19-impacted 2020 season. Read more here.

- Andrew Wommack Ministries canceled a youth conference scheduled to be held at Charis Bible College after a recent visitor to the Woodland Park campus tested positive for COVID-19. Read more here.

- The 19th Rocky Mountain State Games are still on, but could be spread across several months. Read more here.


The latest COVID-19 numbers in Colorado (Updated on July 10):

- 36,191 confirmed cases, including 2,935 in El Paso County

- 5,864 hospitalized

- 382,859 people tested

- 1,724 deaths among cases, including 115 in El Paso County

- 1,586 deaths directly attributed to the coronavirus

- 391 outbreaks

- The Gazette editorial board says that union leaders are "looking for every opportunity to strong-arm employers in the name of COVID-19 safety." Read more here.

- Colorado has surpassed 35,000 cases since the pandemic reached the state in early March, according to data released Wednesday by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Read more here.

- Gov. Jared Polis and the team of COVID-19 researchers from the University of Colorado showed the public an online application, at, that will allow Coloradans to see updates on the spread of the novel coronavirus cases in the state and evaluate the various factors experts believe are key to suppressing new transmissions. Read more here.

- In order to avoid going back to the kinds of restrictions in place earlier this year, Colorado residents need to be more vigilant about preventing the spread of COVID-19, Gov. Jared Polis said Thursday, after three weeks of rising numbers of new coronavirus cases in the state. Read more here.

- El Paso County, along with Jeffco, is among the populous counties along Colorado's Front Range where wearing a mask in public remains voluntary.  Read more here.

- El Paso County needs to start slowing the spread of COVID-19 or the community could see rules on social gatherings start to tighten up again. Read more here.

- With the Big Ten moving to conference-only games because of the coronavirus, Air Force will not travel to Purdue on Sept. 19. Read more here.



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- Need a helping hand? Gazette Charities launches COS Connect.

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