Coronavirus news and updates from Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak region, and elsewhere in Colorado and the U.S.

- The Biden administration Thursday extended the nationwide ban on evictions for a month to help millions of tenants unable to make rent payments during the coronavirus pandemic, but said this is the last time it plans to do so. Read more here.

- El Paso County will use more than half of a nearly $2.2 million grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to hire more public health employees and bolster the effort to address pandemic-related health inequalities among underserved populations. Read more here.

- House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced Wednesday that Republicans will look into the origins of COVID-19 through a series of hearings and proposed legislation. Read more here.

- A new extra transmissible, more dangerous COVID-19 strain could reverse falling case numbers and hospitalizations across Colorado if more people do not get vaccinated, health officials warned Tuesday. Read more here.

- Coloradans who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine could hear from the state as health officials work to inoculate 70% of adults with at least one dose by July 4. Read more here.

- When a client of Janel Ferguson’s knew of a way her elderly father could receive a COVID-19 vaccine in the comfort of his own home, it was a solution to a problem they’d been trying to solve. Read more here.

- As much of Colorado looks toward a normal summer, Mesa County is in the throes of its worst COVID-19 spike since the fall, with hospitals packed with patients, including some suffering from a newly-identified variant of the virus that's plagued the state for 15 months. Read more here.

- As cases tumble and states reopen, the potential final stage in the U.S. campaign to vanquish COVID-19 is turning into a slog, with a worrisome variant gaining a bigger foothold and lotteries and other prizes failing to persuade some Americans to get vaccinated. Read more here.

- Nearly 40% of American small businesses closed their doors during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more here.

- Jennifer Bridges, a registered nurse in Houston, is steadfast in her belief that it’s wrong for her employer to force hospital workers like her to get vaccinated against COVID-19 or say goodbye to their jobs. But that’s a losing legal argument so far. Read more here.

- "No vaccine, no entry," says one bar in Colorado. Read more here.

- For transplant patients in Colorado, the pandemic isn't over. Read more here.

- Colorado was deep in a mental health crisis long before the pandemic hit, but the care community in Colorado Springs was making inroads — trying to figure out how best to work together, and with the public, to fight a deadly trend. Read more here.

- This week the average number of COVID-19 cases in El Paso County hit a low not seen since before the winter peak, but the community is still not improving as fast as other large counties. Read more here.

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