Darius and Aubrey Graves

Gym teacher Darius Graves and his daughter Aubrey, 9, have been spending lots of time together since school closed. But Darius Graves is worried about those students who do not have good homes and how they might be hurt by what could be an overreaction.

The coronavirus pandemic has left us all in uncharted waters, with no horizon in sight. But with businesses and schools closed, national pastimes on hold, and the traditional flow of life ground to a halt, one thing’s for sure:  We’re carrying on. With new worries and “social distancing” habits, but also with new perspectives and priorities. We're sharing several of your personal stories.

The Graves family

Mountain Vista Community School gym teacher Darius Graves, and his daughter Aubrey, 9, have been spending quite a bit of time together watching their favorite TV shows because the coronavrius has shut down schools, including Mountain Vista and many businesses in town. One of their favorite go-to shows is "Hell’s Kitchen" with Gordan Ramsey, a celebrity chef who tries to turn around failing restaurants, Graves said.

Graves and his wife, a nurse, have stable incomes, but he is worried about restaurant workers and other members of the community will suffer from what could be an over reaction to the virus, he said. Graves said he is particularly concerned the extended school closures might be hurting students living in unsafe homes, he said.

“School is a safe haven for them,” he said.

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