The "We Belong" puzzle at West Middle School. Photo courtesy: West Middle School

The coronavirus pandemic has left us all in uncharted waters, with no horizon in sight. But with businesses and schools closed, national pastimes on hold, and the traditional flow of life ground to a halt, one thing’s for sure:  We’re carrying on. With new worries and “social distancing” habits, but also with new perspectives and priorities. We're sharing several of your personal stories.

Xiomara Morena

Pet City employees Xiomara Morena, 34, and Mya Alvarado, 20, bought puzzles earlier this week to help occupy the time they expect to be spending at home in the coming weeks.

Alvarado said she has a compromisable immune system, but she was not planning on quarantining herself any earlier than necessary. 

“I am not going to stay inside until they force me to because then I am inside for a longer period of time than I have to be,” she said. But going out is getting tougher since the bars and restaurants closed their dining areas on Monday, she said.

Morena said she spends a lot of time at home already playing video games and reading books and she expects to self-isolate as much as possible in the coming days. 

“I think it’s important we help our community in that way by just minimizing contact,” she said.

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