Colorado is one of the top states to live in, according to a new report from financial website WalletHub.

The 50 states were compared against 51 "key indicators of livability," including housing costs (ouch!), income growth (a bright spot for the state) and quality of hospitals.

When the dust settled, Colorado ranked No. 5, behind New Jersey (4), New Hampshire (3), Minnesota (2) and Massachusetts (1).

When it came to income growth alone, Colorado ranked even higher, tying with North Dakota for the top slot.

Regarding the economy, Colorado came in at a relatively superlative No. 4. (U.S. News & World Report ranked the state No. 1 in economy last month, but only 10th overall in its "Best States Ranking," which looked at factors like health care, crime and the environment, among others.)

Colorado Springs ranked 29th best place to start business

Low points for the state: It came in a very middlish 25th in affordability and lower yet in safety: No. 29.

You can read the full report here.

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