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Voters cast their ballots Nov. 6 at Library 21c in Colorado Springs. Colorado had 61.9 percent of its active voters participate in the election, the Secretary of State’s Office said.

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Colorado’s voter turnout Nov. 6 was second highest in the nation, with 61.9 percent of active voters participating in the midterm election, the Secretary of State’s Office reported Tuesday.

Minnesota ranked No. 1, at 64.3 percent.

The high turnout is a likely result of the all-mail ballot system that Colorado adopted in 2014.

The state also lets people register to vote up to 6:59 p.m. Election Day — one minute before polls close.

This year in Colorado, women voters outpaced men by 112,000 ballots.

In all, 2,581,426 Coloradans voted last week, the newest ballot counts show. That’s 974,000 more voters than in 2014.

By age, the biggest group consisted of voters 41 to 60 years old, and the second largest was voters aged 26 to 40.

Ballots still are being counted, partly because federal law requires an eight-day wait after Election Day to process all military and overseas voters’ ballots.

About 50,000 ballots have not been added to the final totals, the Secretary of State’s Office reports.

That period of processing and “curing” signatures to ensure their legitimacy ends at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

County clerks will update results Thursday, which could resolve close races:

In House District 47, covering Otero, Fremont and rural Pueblo counties, Democrat Brianna Buentello leads Republican Don Bendell by 306 votes.

In Greeley’s House District 50, Democrat Rochelle Galindo defeated Republican Michael Thuener by 1,468 votes.

In House District 27, which covers northern Jefferson County and Arvada, Republican Vicki Pyne has conceded the race to Democrat Brianna Titone.

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