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The Colorado Springs Utilities expects an ongoing billing glitch to be resolved for everyone by mid-July. 

Colorado Springs Utilities expects a glitch that causes some customers to see two-month total on their bills to be sorted out for all residents by mid-July. 

The problem started in February when Utilities extended the amount of time customers have to pay their bills from 14 to 30 days, spokesman Jeff Rowbotham said. The longer billing cycle gives customers a longer window to pay their bills and addressed a common complaint that the timeline payment was too short, he said. 

However, the change in the billing cycle caused some customers to see an incorrect previous balance due on their statements and a two-month total. The problem happens if customers pay their monthly bill after the next month's bill has been generated, he said. 

For example, if a customer paid a bill 10 days after it was received and before the next bill was generated, the statement will not show an incorrect past balance due, he said. But those who wait until the last day to pay their bill will see the incorrect previous amount due, he said. 

Customers enrolled in Utilities' autopay option are more likely to see a "previous balance due" because their payment is withdrawn on the bill's due date, he said.  

"We sincerely apologize for this confusion and thank our customers for their understanding," he said. 

Utilities expects to have a solution in place by mid-June, and by mid-July the problem should be resolved for everyone, Rowbotham said. 

Customers do not need to do anything to resolve the issue. Any overpayment is applied as credit to a customer's account, according to the utilities' website. 

Residents in need of customer service can reach utilities from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday at (719) 448-4800. 

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