Colorado Springs student suspended
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A disabled Sand Creek High School student was suspended Monday after school officials discovered medical marijuana in his lunch box, according to Gazette news partner KKTV.

Jackson Stormes, 16, has constant seizures because of Dravet Syndrome, which has left him severely disabled. His mother, Jennie Stormes, says cannabis is the only medicine that has stemmed the seizures. Instead of seizing for 30 to 60 minutes at a time, the episodes last only two to three minutes.

The family moved from New Jersey to get better access to medical marijuana. Jennie Stormes said she accidentally put yogurt mixed with cannabis pills in Jackson's lunch on Monday, and she got a call from the school around lunch that he had been suspended for bringing a controlled substance to school.

"I was like, 'You're kidding me,'" Jennie Stormes told KKTV. "He didn't do anything. Jack does not have the ability to form that intent. He didn't make lunch, he didn't pack lunch."

Jackson was suspended for one day, forcing him to miss therapy services he usually receives.

"They are making his services less available and making him more disabled by taking more away from him," Jennie Stormes said.

A new Colorado statute would allow students to use cannabis medicine at school, but it doesn't go into effect until next school year. A school nurse would have to administer the medication.

Falcon School District 49 writes its policies to Colorado law, although it supports "parents making decisions in the best interest of their students," spokesman Matt Meister said after the school board meeting on Thursday. Jennie Stormes spoke at the meeting.

"Given the policies in District 49, they are always applied equally and consistently to all of our students and we appreciate that our administrators worked consistently and collaboratively with each other to make sure those were followed and our discipline matrix was adhered to," he said.


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