Popular local disc jockey Dan Jackson, better know as “Captain Dan” to listeners, is no longer working for iHeartMedia. Jackson appears to be a budget-trimming casualty as iHeartMedia deals with serious financial issues, including possible bankruptcy

“We parted on good terms and I am thankful for the vast opportunities I have been given over my forty years on the air in Colorado Springs,” said Jackson via email. “I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people, to go places and do things I would only have dreamt of. I would personally like to thank each of you who invited me into your lives for a little morning fun each day! I am grateful for the support you’ve given me, my family and the many organizations I am passionate about. I feel good about what my team has accomplished both on the air and in this community and I look forward to what opportunities present themselves to me in the future!  I will still be around, please say hello when you see me at the grocery store!”

Captain Dan has been a fixture on local airwaves for decades. Beloved by listeners, Jackson along with his longtime partner, the late Paul Richards, had won the Best of the Springs Radio Personality award so many times that they were given a lifetime achievement award by former Gazette entertainment editor Warren Epstein in 2010. Jackson, along with partner Tammy Oakland, also won the Best of the Springs Radio Personality silver medal this year.  

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