Colorado Springs police trade get new handguns with 'smoother trigger pull'
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The Colorado Springs Police Dept. has a new Smith & Wesson gun that can fire without a clip. (The Gazette/Jerilee Bennett)

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Colorado Springs police are carrying new guns, and they didn't cost taxpayers a dime.

The police department's duty-issued Smith & Wesson 9mm handguns were reaching the end of their service life, and Smith & Wesson offered to trade the old guns for new ones.

"It was an even trade. Isn't that wonderful?" police spokeswoman Barbara Miller said.

The department typically replaces duty-issued guns within five to eight years, and the bulk of guns in the department's inventory were 6 years old, said Lt. Mike Velasquez, training academy director.

"With the trade-in, we obtained new guns without a hard-dollar cost to the taxpayer," Velasquez said in an email.

Velasquez said Smith & Wesson worked with a gun distributor that purchased the old guns for resale.

The new guns vary slightly from the old weapons.

The difference is that the new gun has changes that police said will make it easier to pull the trigger.

"The new 9mm M&P without the magazine disconnect safety allows us to achieve a smoother trigger pull," Velasquez said.

All officers have received training or will receive training before they're issued the new gun, he said.

"An officer really never wants to have to use deadly force," Miller added, "but they have to be willing to because their job commands that they do that.

"In the event they're at that situation or incident where deadly force is necessary," she said, "they have to be willing to do it, and have the weapon that's going to be the best weapon for them."


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