Fort Carson main gate

All six Colorado Springs police officers who were injured Tuesday in training at Fort Carson, have been released from the hospital, police tweeted Wednesday.

None of the injuries was serious, police Lt. Howard Black said.

Five officers were treated at a hospital and released, and another was hospitalized overnight as a precaution, Black said.

The simulator exploded at an urban training center near the post’s Camp Red Devil, said Col. Brian Wortinger, the Fort Carson garrison commander.

Military units were training on counter-IED (improvised explosive device) on the post, Wortinger said.

“One of the devices that they were using — (which) simulates the sights and sounds of combat as safely as possible — was in the training area,” he said. “Simultaneously, we had Colorado Springs police out here doing their police training that encountered one of these devices.”

The simulator that exploded appeared to be made partly of cardboard, he said.

Fifteen to 20 officers with two police riot teams were training. The exercise was cut short after the mishap, Black said.

Department personnel, including some tactical and specialized units, routinely train at the post, he said.

Officials could not say how the IED got on the site, when the blast occurred or whether the explosion came during training or a break.

“We are way too early to answer any of those questions,” Black said. “We need more time to truly understand what occurred at this site.”

Fort Carson will investigate, Wortinger said.

“Unfortunately, the business that both we are in and CSPD are in is an inherently dangerous business, and the training itself can often be dangerous as well,” the commander said.

“We’ll be looking at what we were supposed to do, what we actually did, and then reconciling what if anything we need to change about our procedures.”

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The training center, built at the height of the Iraq War, has buildings that replicate a city and an underground sewage system that allows mock insurgents to pop up during training.

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