Jared Robertson

Jared Robertson sets his gear down at the top of the Chutes trail entrance as he and others help to clear

the trail

in March in Colorado Springs.

A popular mountain biking trail in Colorado Springs is set to be transformed.

Construction starts Thursday on the Chutes, the steep track in the city’s southwest foothills, a Tuesday news release said.

Trail segments will be closed during the project, which is expected to last through early October.

But the plan is to keep the Chutes’ upper section open, along with the Ladders trail, providing the well-traveled link between Gold Camp Road and Stratton Open Space.

The multiuse, two-way Chutes will become the Springs’ first route designated for downhill bikes only. The move — made by other Front Range communities in recent years — has been considered for about as long as conflicts have been known on the trail. The decision was finalized in 2018’s North Cheyenne Cañon master plan.

Singletrack maestros with FlowRide Concepts are contracted for the $40,000 job, paid by the Trails, Open Space and Parks program. The design calls for 1,600 linear feet of new trail festooned with rock, roots, ramps and berms — “a lot more gnar, as they say,” said David Deitemeyer, the park department’s senior landscape architect, in a recent interview.

The drop will be near the current trailhead atop Gold Camp Road. The project also will realign the Ladders and the path known as Gold Hill. Those two will remain multi-use and two-way, serving as links to Gold Camp Road.

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