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In calling his Oct. 21, 2018, death an act of child abuse, prosecutors

on Jan. 20

alleged that the weapon had no safety — and a round in the chamber. The owner, Lohki’s mother Melissa Michelle Adamson, 32, was high on methamphetamine and quarreling with her drug dealer when she failed to secure it, authorities say.

Nearly a year after her 2-year-old son put a loaded gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, a Colorado Springs mother admitted she was negligent in leaving the weapon unsecured.

Melissa Michelle Adamson, 33, pleaded guilty to a felony count of child abuse in the October 2018 death of Lokhi Bloom, who had a habit of drinking from a squirt gun.

Instead of a toy, the toddler found a pink-handled .380 Ruger in his parents’ home office and shot himself while unattended.

Adamson, a recovering methamphetamine addict with a history of drug charges, told authorities she had loaded the gun after a threatening visit from a drug dealer called “Beast.”

She also pleaded guilty to two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, admitting that she provided two other children with marijuana.

She faces 16 to 26 years at a sentencing hearing scheduled for Dec. 2.

Aside from the Ruger, detectives also found two toy guns that Lokhi regularly played with.

During Wednesday’s hearing, prosecutor Jeff Lindsey said the child’s father, who lives in Chicago, could also face charges in Lokhi’s death.

The man was in the family’s home at the time of the shooting, and defense attorneys for Adamson previously argued that he was responsible for watching Lokhi.

Authorities argue that regardless of any negligence by the father, Adamson was responsible for leaving the firearm within the toddler’s reach, which caused the child’s death.

Investigators said drug needles, knives and an ax were among the hazards and weapons within reach of children at Adamson’s home on Hartford Street, near South Academy Boulevard and Interstate 25.

In admitting her crimes, Adamson spoke in a soft, barely audible voice, saying she was the last person to handle the weapon.

Her supporters in the gallery wept when District Judge Lin Billings Vela ordered that she be taken into custody pending sentencing.

Adamson’s attorneys had requested that she be allowed to remain free on bond, but the judge rejected the request, citing the use of a weapon.

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