Nolan Strauss

Nolan Strauss. Photo courtesy of Malheur County Jail.

A Colorado Springs man was charged with a hate crime in the stabbing of a Black man at an Oregon Arby's restaurant, a news release said.

A 48-year-old Black man was waiting in an Ontario, Ore., Arby's restaurant lobby to finalize his job application with the store's manager when Nolan Strauss, 26, allegedly came up behind him and stabbed him in the neck.

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The man struggled to free himself then store employees grabbed Strauss. When they asked why he attacked the man, Strauss reportedly told employees he stabbed him because the man, “was Black, and I don’t like Black people.”

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The victim was not fatally injured but had to undergo surgery.

A federal grand jury in Portland charged Strauss with a hate crime involving an attempt to kill. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in federal prison.

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