Anthony Olivas of Breakthru Beverage Colorado, right, and Phil Banack of Odell Brewery Co. stock the cooler with full-strength beer at the Safeway store on South Nevada Avenue on Jan. 1 in Colorado Springs.

Convenience stores and grocery stores have been able to sell full-strength beer for two months now, and some liquor store owners say they haven’t seen an impact on their business.

Up until Jan. 1, only liquor stores could sell full-strength beer. Grocery stores, like King Soopers and Safeway, were only allowed to sell 3.2 beer. Colorado’s liquor laws changed on New Year’s Day, giving some liquor stores that share parking lots with grocery stores extra competition.

“Safeway is 400 feet behind us, so we’re going to lose a little bit, maybe, for convenience,” Cheers Liquor Mart Owner Jack Backman told 11 News before the law changed.

But many liquor store owners say they haven’t seen a huge impact on sales.

“I think people just braced for World War III, and it wasn’t bad at all,” said Justin Roach, the general manager for Veterans Wine and Liquor. “It was actually pretty laid back. We have a very, very good customer base, and they just stuck with us. We’ve been doing great.”

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