Rep. Dave Williams heads to the White House to talk immigration
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State Rep. Dave Williams, right, at the Colorado Legislature in Denver.

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After a month of being castigated by fellow conservatives, state Rep. Dave Williams, R-Colorado Springs, is postponing his controversial “badge fee” bill, which stalled last week.

Instead of a law by which delegates or alternates wouldn't have to pay "badge fees" to vote in political party caucuses or assemblies, Williams said he’ll give the parties a chance to rectify the issue internally.

He said he's postponed the bill till April, after a March 30 central committee meeting of the state Republican Party, the only party that charges those fees, in hopes that a bylaw change is passed by two-thirds of committee members. If so, the legislation wouldn't be needed, Williams said.

Heads of Republican groups across the state have said the bill could bankrupt them and diminish GOP candidates' eligibility. The vast majority of Republicans appeared to oppose the bill; some even called it “sinister.”

Democrats supported House Bill 1046, which wouldn’t affect their party. They voted it through committee last month.

Some Republicans did support the measure, though. Most notable was U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, who is vying to serve as the next Colorado GOP chairman.

“Over the next several weeks, I’ll continue reaching out to county chairs and any other central committee voters and personally asking them to work with me to support this necessary bylaw change,” Williams said.

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