Nasair hall and lauren hall

Nasair Hall, left, and Lauren Hall. Photos courtesy Colorado Springs Police Department via KKTV.

A man and woman in Colorado Springs were arrested for attempted first-degree murder and felony child abuse charges. The victim was only a few months old when she was taken to the hospital with multiple head injuries, according to arrest papers obtained by 11 News.

The arrest papers go on to detail what led up to the arrest of 21-year-old Nasair Hall and 20-year-old Lauren Hall. On July 13, police were called to Memorial Central Hospital at 1400 E. Boulder Street. The infant had "multiple traumatic injuries" and was eventually transported to the Children's Hospital on Briargate Parkway.

An ER doctor told the detective the child had injuries that could result in "a substantial risk of death." The injuries were also consistent with non-accidental trauma, according to the arrest papers.

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