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Southern Delivery System (SDS) Program Director John Fredell led a tour along with other members of Colorado Springs Utilities and MWH Engineering, Consulting, Management & Design of the ongoing construction around The Pueblo Dam and pump stations as well as to Colorado Springs' two major water reservoirs. The $829 million project is currently ahead of schedule and is forecasted to be $156 million below budget. Photo Logan Riely, The Gazette

Average residential Colorado Springs utility bills will increase by $1.80 starting Nov. 1, the Colorado Springs City Council decided Tuesday.

Utilities staff considers quarterly gas and electric bill adjustments to pass cost changes on to customers.

Scott Shewey, Utilities’ acting chief planning and finance officer, recommended that the council boost gas and electricity rates starting Nov. 1, both increases passed unanimously.

The rate increases passed Tuesday are driven by rising gas prices nationwide, but are lower than those passed in January at the beginning of this year, Utilities spokeswoman Natalie Watts said.

Average households can expect a electric and gas rate increase of 0.8%, or an additional $1.80 a month, said Watts. Commercial customers can expect a 2.6% increase and an additional $35.42 a month, while industrial customers can expect a 1% increase and an additional $422.22 a month.

The council will consider increases to water and wastewater rates Nov. 12, which would take effect Jan. 1 if approved, Watts said. These increases would go to fix Colorado Springs’ aging water infrastructure and the construction of new facilities, the utility said.

Average households could see water rates increase by 2.5%, or an extra $5.71 a month, Watts said. Commercial customers could expect an increase of 0.6%, translating to $7.90 a month, and industrial customers an increase of 0.3%, or $99.50 a month.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to show the correct rate hikes approved by the council Tuesday and to show the correct position of Scott Shewey. 

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