Thomas MacLaren School, a K-12 charter school authorized by the Colorado Charter School Institute, posted the highest mean SAT score in the Pikes Peak region from spring testing, results show.

A Gazette report published Aug. 16 on standardized test scores from the Pikes Peak region’s 17 public school districts inadvertently omitted Thomas MacLaren School, which is not connected to a local district.

Eleventh-grade students at Thomas MacLaren earned the fifth-highest SAT scores in the state and reflected the region’s top performance, with a mean score of 1228.

The school has single-gender classrooms, a focus on primary source texts as opposed to textbooks and a performance-based requirement that includes participation in the schoolwide orchestra program.

The Vanguard School, a charter school in Cheyenne Mountain School District 12, had the second-best SAT performance in the region, with a mean score of 1218.

TCA College Pathways, a school in The Classical Academy charter school network in Academy School District 20, came in third, with 1155.

The statewide SAT mean score was 1101.

The Vanguard School 10th graders topped the region with a score of 1153 on the PSAT exam.

Thomas MacLaren 10th graders earned the 10th highest PSAT score statewide, and the second highest regionally, with 1116.

Cheyenne Mountain High School in Cheyenne Mountain D-12 was third highest regionally, with 1102.

Thomas MacLaren ninth graders also had the highest regional scores on the ninth grade PSAT, with a score of 1075, which also was the state’s sixth-highest score.

The Vanguard School was second regionally, with 1069, and Cheyenne Mountain High School third, with 1059.

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