02_19_03 M Sledding feature (copy)

Photo by Carol Lawrence 2/19/03

School District 49 is bringing back snow days after the district replaced them during the pandemic with e-learning, according to the district's website.

The district received feedback from over 2,700 community members and the desire for traditional snow days appeared popular among school leaders, staff and families who found snow days "valuable as we’ve emerged from a difficult season of learning," the message said. 

The district will evaluate weather decisions early to determine whether cancellations or delays are necessary, since snow days can reduce travel risks for students and staff. But it acknowledged that delay calls would be "rare," since they are not often the best option, the district said.

Falcon High School, which started the trend of e-learning on bad weather days, would follow suit with the rest of the district and reinstitute snow days. The Campus, a location with "blended learning schools," will provide specific guidance to students and families who use that location when a snow day is called.

The district will continue to use e-learning if snow days run out, the district's website said.

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