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“If we don’t do something the state of Colorado could be forced to close ski mountains,” says the “Save Our Season” campaign’s website.

Steamboat Springs, Winter Park and Fraser have launched a “Save Our Season — Stop Our Spread” campaign, urging Coloradans to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines so the ski season will not be canceled.

The campaign includes social media initiatives and the launch of saveourseason.org, providing tips and regulations for the public to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“At this point it’s on us,” the website said. “If we don’t do something the state of Colorado could be forced to close ski mountains, causing the collapse of many struggling mountain businesses.”

“SOS” stickers can be found plastered on the windows of nearly every business in the mountain towns that rely on ski season for the bulk of their annual income.

Robin Craigen, founder of the Moving Mountains lodging company in Steamboat Springs, said 90% of his business for the year comes from the ski season.

He said 60 local families are connected to his business who will suffer from a season cancellation.

“Our mountain community is facing a crisis,” Craigen said. “By now we all know what to do, but we need to do more to reduce contact with others in the coming weeks and over Thanksgiving.”

Craigen started a GoFundMe page to fund advertising of the SOS campaign. The GoFundMe has raised more than $6,000 since opening one week ago.

The SOS website advises Coloradans to only dine out as one family unit without mixing households, not to attend any parties and to celebrate Thanksgiving within one household only.

The website also has a pledge where people can sign their name and email address for their commitment to following prevention guidelines such as wearing masks, social distancing and limiting contact. More than 450 people have taken the pledge as of Wednesday.

Saveourseason.org will be updated with the most recent health guidelines and has links to resources including the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We have to change our behavior today to quickly reduce COVID transmission,” the website said. “And we can.”

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