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State Rep. Tim Leonard, R-Evergreen, has compared women marchers with Hitler’s brownshirts, the Nazi militia members who began the violence against Jews in pre-World War II Germany.

Leonard has two Facebook pages, one personal and one for his political office and campaign. A post on the Facebook page he uses to communicate with constituents and supporters refers to a Washington Times article that poked fun at the Women’s March.

He posted: “I usually like to avoid national politics, but the insanity and incoherency of the ‘Women’s March’ radicals has to be pitied. They are so angry, they cannot even think straight. They could care less who the Supreme Court nominee is, they resist everything everywhere all the time from this President. Who can even take them seriously? They have nothing to offer to any logical discussion of ideas. They are in the political arena just to cause chaos — like Hitler’s Brownshirts.’

Comments in response chided Leonard. One said: “it’s always good to know what those who are supposed to be representatives of the people think of the people. Refreshing, really. It’s good to know that you obviously have zero concern for the matters that women have to face. Not only that but you believe they should be silenced.”

Leonard’s personal Facebook page also has a photo taken last year with Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, who lost a race for the U.S. Senate in April amid allegations he sexually harassed young women, including teenagers.

This isn’t Leonard’s first brush with controversy. In 2016, he spent two weeks in the Jefferson County jail just before Christmas for contempt of court over violations of a long-standing judicial order that allows his ex-wife to make educational decisions for their minor children.

Leonard, who represents state House District 25, did not respond to a request for comment.

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