First United Methodist Church in downtown Colorado Springs celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. on Sunday by recognizing today’s community leaders.

The federal holiday for King will be recognized on Jan. 21. Celebration-goers say there’s still much to be learned from the civil rights leader.

“Martin Luther King Jr’s dream is as relevant now as it was during the civil rights movement,” said Colorado state Sen. Angela Williams, D-Denver.

As the partial federal government shutdown lingers, Williams decried President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, claiming it is divisive.

Revisiting Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream

“It takes away our compassion, it takes away the social change that Martin Luther King Jr. fought for,” she said.

Williams was given an award for her support of a successful ballot measure that removed old language from the state constitution that condoned slavery as a criminal punishment. The measure passed in November.

“We look at leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Shirley Chisholm, and how they fought for civil rights for all in such a time when our country was really troubled,” Williams said.

Before the event, the Rev. Kevin Troy Daniels of New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Fountain, praised communities in Colorado for representing all people.

“The Lord has blessed us as the union to keep contact with many CEOs, the mayor, our police chief and our sheriff. That way we have these relationships to minimize differences in communities,” Daniels said.

Daniels said the Colorado Springs event helped keep Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive by revisiting a focus on humanity.

“We make sure our dream is relevant, and the focus is passed down through generations so that we can continue to understand what he stood for and continue to make a stand for equality,” Daniels said.



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