Bear cub crushed by unlocked dumpster in Colorado

A 30-pound bear cub was crushed and killed after an unlocked dumpster tipped over in Jefferson County.

A 30-pound male black bear cub was killed when he was crushed by a falling dumpster Monday morning in Jefferson County.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, who released photographs of the incident on Twitter, this is highly unusual. However, this serves as a good reminder that dumpsters should always be secured on solid and flat ground, where bears cannot get inside.

According to The Associated Press, it is believed that a larger mother bear caused the dumpster to tip.

Please be “bear aware” and cautious about how you store and dispose of your trash. For more tips on living safely among wildlife from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, click here.

Human-bear interactions are expected to skyrocket as bears start to spend more time looking for food prior to months of hibernation.

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