Several people reached out to Gazette news partner KKTV on Thursday night wondering what they spotted in the sky over Colorado Springs.

Pictures flooded the newsroom of a winding smoke trail that appeared to be in front of the Rocky Mountains from viewers who were in Colorado Springs at the time. KKTV reached out to the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society for answers.

"It absolutely could be a bigger meteor trail," Public Relations Director for the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society George White said. "The tiny ones leave specs of dust and you don't see anything."

But this likely meteor trail wasn't tiny. Some people they saw a large flash of light that broke into two pieces at 6:11 p.m. Thursday.

Forecast: Sunny winter weather expected in Colorado Springs as snow hits the mountains

"The bigger ones they call fireballs," White added.

White can't confirm 100 percent this was a meteor trail without video evidence. However, based on the pictures provided by KKTV viewers White believes the smoke was indeed created by a meteor.

"When the winds shift around it will look like what we're seeing in these pictures," White stated.

Several people along Interstate 70 called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office early Thursday evening to report a “fireball in the sky,” reported Denver7

Calls about the astronomical event also came from Conifer, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told Denver7.

Other media have reported that people saw what appeared to be a meteor trail also in New Mexico and Wyoming.

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