Bears in Colorado Springs
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Mama bear and cubs are spotted in a neighborhood near Garden of the Gods.

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A mama bear and two cubs were spotted loitering Sunday near Columbia Road and Aster Street, not far from Garden of the Gods, where thousands of people were participating in the Race for the Cure.

Angela Robinson posted her photograph of the bruins on about noon with the warning: "be careful."

"I've seen bears before, but I know mama bears with cubs, you don't want to mess with those," Robinson said. "They were by the dry creek, and they just kind of scrambled when they saw me.

"The road ends at Garden of the Gods. I didn't want to stay around."

Last year, a bear ambled across a roadway in Garden of the Gods during the annual 10 Mile Run in June.

It seemed to be trying to decide whether to zip across the road full of runners when a large gap finally emerged for the bear to slip through, said runner Donald Sanborn.

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