A baby boy, only about a day old, was surrendered to the Cañon City Fire Department on Tuesday morning, the city’s Police Department said in a news release.

The baby was dropped off at the fire station just after 8:30 a.m. and was taken to a hospital. The infant, now in the custody of the Department of Human Services, was dropped off by his father, police said.

The infant is in good health, Cañon City police spokesman Steve Huskey said. Detectives have determined there is no criminal activity associated with the situation, he said.

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In Cañon City, Huskey said, babies being surrendered under Colorado’s Safe Haven Law is not common. Laws protect parents from criminal liability in exchange for surrendering a baby to a safe location.

“Everyone I’ve talked to does not remember the last time this has happened,” Huskey said.

Under the Safe Haven Law, parents can surrender a child 72 hours old or younger to a designated location. A child can be delivered to a firefighter when the firefighter is at a fire station or an appropriate hospital staff member at a hospital, state statutes show.

The firefighter or hospital staff are required to notify a law enforcement officer and the county department of social services within 24 hours of the surrender.

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“A parent who utilizes the provisions of this section shall not, for that reason alone, be found to be responsible in a confirmed report of abuse or neglect,” state statutes read.

The next step is for social services to place the child with potential adoptive parents and motion to terminate parental rights of a parent who surrendered the child.

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