Surveillanve video of suitcase being thrown in dumpster

Screenshot of video released Thursday by Pueblo police

The Pueblo County Coroner’s Office identified Monday the woman whose body was found crammed inside a suitcase last week as 58-year-old Maria Agnes Cuevas-Garcia.

On Friday, police arrested Anthony Cuevas, 36, in the killing. They also arrested his wife, Melanie Cuevas, on a warrant for criminal impersonation, police said.

Detectives discovered Cuevas-Garcia’s body Oct. 17 after receiving a call from a man who was throwing away wind-scattered papers into a trash bin and found the large, wheeled suitcase, said Sgt. Franklyn Ortega, spokesman for Pueblo Police Department.

Anthony Cuevas became eligible for parole in August 2018, according to state Department of Corrections website. His estimated date of discharge was scheduled for September 2023.

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