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Niger Innis from the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), left, Duane "Dog" Chapman, center, and Beth Chapman pose together for photos after a press conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, Wednesday, May 14, 2008. A&E Television Network announced the return of his popular reality tv series, Dog The Bounty Hunter, this summer. (AP photo/Ronen Zilberman)

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Dog the Bounty Hunter is used to taking people to jail.

But his wife?

An arrest warrant has been issued for Beth Chapman, Dog's outspoken sidekick on their popular reality show, stemming from the alleged harassment of a teen-age girl July 10 at Monument Lake.

The warrant, which alleges one count of misdemeanor harassment, was issued last Friday by the Monument Police Department, police spokesman Lt. Steve Burk said Wednesday.

"Nobody would be even remotely interested in this if it wasn't a celebrity," Burk said. "It was just a verbal altercation at the lake where Beth was yelling at the victim, according to the victim."

Efforts to reach Chapman Wednesday night were unsuccessful.

Burk said he's received "several phone calls from people representing" Chapman, including her attorney, who said she wants to cooperate and resolve the situation.

"Normally, we would issue a summons in a situation like that and the person would receive a ticket, kind of like they were receiving a ticket for speeding," he said.

"However, messages were left for Ms. Chapman, and she didn't return them. Unknown if she ever got them or not, but messages were left, and she didn't return them, so from that point on, we don't have a choice but to move forward and the only way to move forward is to issue a warrant," he said.

The victim, a student at Lewis-Palmer High School, declined to comment.

"I don't want my name anywhere. My boyfriend doesn't want his name anywhere. I'm really sorry," she said.

Burk declined to talk specifics about the girl's allegations, saying he didn't have the case report in front of him.

"It was a verbal harassment. There was nothing physical," he said.

Burk said police interviewed multiple witnesses, all juveniles.

"After taking statements from everybody and conducting a thorough investigation, it was determined that probable cause existed to issue the charge of harassment," he said.

Among the witnesses was 16-year-old Chandler Duke, who said Chapman was "very, very harassing" and "very rude" to his friends.

Duke said he and his friends were hanging out in a car at the lake waiting for another friend and his girlfriend, the alleged victim.

Chapman and her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, a colorful television personality who was born in Colorado, own a home in Castle Rock.

"We saw Dog and his family there before. We were just like, 'Oh cool, Dog is at the lake,'" he said. "Then my friend rolls up and we see Beth go and talk to them like right on the passenger door window."

Duke said he was too far away to hear what Beth Chapman said. But when his friend and the alleged victim got out of the car, he said she yelled at them.

"Beth just started screaming all these rude remarks, calling (the alleged victim) trashy, that she's trash of the town, that she needs to pull her panties out of her ass," he said.

Duke said Beth Chapman called the alleged victim other nasty names.

"I don't know what prompted it," he said.

"I don't know how she's taking it. I haven't talked to her since," he said. "But I feel as if it could hurt her pretty good."

Burk, the spokesman for the Monument Police Department, said Beth Chapman has few options.

"The easiest way for someone to handle a situation like this is to turn themselves in to the local police department or sheriff's department," he said.

"The only other option is if at some point down the road she's contacted by a police officer for whatever reason and they run her information through the system, they'll come up with the warrant, and she'd be arrested on the spot."


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