Randy Bishop (copy)

Randy Bishop, 36. Photo courtesy of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Randy Bishop, an "armed and dangerous" fugitive accused of wounding an officer during a traffic stop this month, has been arrested, Colorado Springs police said Sunday.

The shootout with officers Jan. 11 followed an earlier escape in November, when Bishop allegedly took a detective's gun and fired it inside Memorial Hospital Central, 1400 E. Boulder St.

Police tweeted late Sunday afternoon that Bishop had been taken into custody, adding that no additional information would be released until Monday.

Man who shot Colorado Springs police officer believed to be same person who violently escaped custody at local hospital

It's unknown when and where Bishop was apprehended or other details of his arrest.

Police nearly captured Bishop on Jan. 11, when he is suspected of driving a vehicle with an expired registration tag that was pulled over just before midnight at Galley Road and Arrawanna Street. The officer immediately requested backup. After the second officer arrived, the driver, later identified as Bishop, fired at police, wounding one officer who returned fire.

The wounded officer, Beau Becker, a four-year veteran of the Police Department, was released from the hospital on Jan. 14.

Bishop drove off after the shooting, escaping after crashing at Pikes Peak Avenue and Dunsmere Street, about 1½ miles away. 

Law enforcement officials have been hunting for Bishop for two months, since Nov. 25, when he was taken to UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central after police rammed his vehicle during a pursuit.

At the hospital, Bishop escaped from a CT scan room, while a detective was standing guard outside. The detective ran after Bishop in a hallway and tackled him. Bishop fought back, punching and biting the officer, according to an arrest affidavit.

Bystanders in the hallway grabbed Bishop as he struggled with the detective, but Bishop managed to get control of the detective’s gun.

The detective told bystanders to flee as Bishop ran down the hallway and fired a shot into the ceiling, the affidavit said. The detective barricaded himself and the bystanders in a room before Bishop fired a second shot. No one was hit. Bishop escaped the hospital in a stolen car that had been left idling in the valet area.

Bishop had been arrested in November on suspicion of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, menacing and child abuse. A warrant for attempted murder was added after the Jan. 11 shooting, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office said.

The Sheriff ’s Office is investigating the police shooting as a neutral agency to avoid the appearance of conflict, which is typical whenever a law enforcement officer uses deadly force.

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