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Deeded to the city by William Jewett in 1919 and named after his late wife, well over 100 years after its construction, the Patty Jewett Municipal Golf Course remains a community hub.

Built in 1898 as an 18-hole course, Patty Jewett is one of, if not the, oldest golf courses west of the Mississippi River, said Pat Gentile, the city's Golf Division Superintendent. It's also one of the very few to be named after a woman, he estimates.

Today the course has 27 holes.

"It's in the middle of town, so the landscaping and everything still carries that old feeling and the clubhouse is still built that way," Gentile said.

The course, which alternates its rounds frequently to make for new and challenging 18-hole outings, also serves as a small wildlife refuge. It's home to deer, coyotes and blue herons.

Patty Jewett is also a place where the community gathers.

"We have people that come to play mahjong and cards or they just come here because that's where they meet and get with everybody," he said. "They'll do some concerts with the Patty Jewett Neighborhood Association. It draws a crowd. It's a really good community hub for this side of town."

And then there's the food, which is famed throughout town, said Colorado Springs Parks Director Karen Palus.

"It's an establishment that's not just about golf, but it's about community," Palus said.


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