Vandenberg AFB

Photo courtesy United States Air Force.

After more than 60 years of being known as Vandenberg Air Force Base, the military facility is being rechristened with a new name for infinity and beyond.

The Southern California installation was to be renamed Vandenberg Space Force Base during a Friday ceremony in recognition of its key role in supporting the nation's sixth uniformed branch of the military.

"Redesignating Air Force installations as Space Force installations is critical to establishing a distinct culture and identity for the Space Force," the base said in a statement.

The base is home to the testing of ballistic missiles and conducts orbital launches.

During the ceremony, the 30th Space Wing will redesignate to Space Launch Delta 30, the statement added.

The Space Force was formed in 2019 during former President Donald Trump's tenure. Those assigned to the Air Force Space Command were then reassigned to Space Force.

In December, then-Vice President Mike Pence announced that Patrick Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station would receive new Space Force names.


"I just want to point out, though, that we will rely very heavily on the Air Force to operate those bases," Space Force Gen. Jay Raymond said in December 2019, speaking about bases that could be renamed. "But we'll work to rename those to match the mission of the base."

Original Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base renamed to reflect key role in US Space Force

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