A Navy SEAL veteran who was on the team that killed Osama bin Laden said it's time to "kill people" and "drop our stupid rules of engagement" after U.S. service members were killed in Kabul on Thursday.

The loss of American life is "shameful," and the United States needs to step up and fix the situation, Robert O'Neill said.

"It's difficult, but it's not really that hard to do. It's going to be dangerous," O'Neill said after four U.S. service members were confirmed killed. After his interview, nine more were reported dead. "We need to re-establish and expand our footprint — what we're doing there. We need to really drop our stupid rules of engagement."

The American military needs to get the word out and be "chaotic," he told Fox Business.

They need to "let them know, 'Anyone outside right now with a gun, we're going to kill you,'" he said. "It's time to move, time to kill people, and time to rescue people."

These objectives will not be accomplished if Americans try to negotiate with the "terrorists," O'Neill continued.

"We have American blood on our hands. It's all of us," he said. "We need to get into the fight together. This is one nation — we have a common enemy, and just because we don't think we're at war with someone doesn't mean they're not at war with us."

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