One person was hospitalized after being shot Wednesday during a fight at a home on Fort Carson that led to online tweets and posts about an active shooter on the Army post.

Fort Carson officials issued a statement after the 1:30 p.m. shooting saying there was no threat to anyone on or off post, but not before Air Force Space Command issued an alert to its troops asking them to avoid Fort Carson over an “event” at the exchange, a military department store.

“This is not an active shooter situation but is the result of an altercation inside a home on post,” Fort Carson spokeswoman Brandy Gill said in a news release.

Post officials gave few details of the incident, citing an investigation. One person was taken to a hospital with wounds that were not life-threatening , the Army said. No arrests have been announced.

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Rumors of mass shootings at the five military bases in the Pikes Peak region have been a fact of life since the 9/11 attacks. But those rumors have taken flight with social media.

Dozens of social media posts followed Wednesday’s shooting, driving a degree of panic online.

“I am seeing tweets and FB posts regarding a possible active shooter at the PX in Fort Carson, but I haven’t seen anything on any news sites to back it up,” one mother of a Fort Carson soldier wrote to The Gazette. “Wondering if there is any substance to this, since my son is stationed there.”

Military bases have seen exceptionally low crime rates in recent years. There has been no reported unauthorized use of a weapon at the post in more than a year.

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